Who Are We


"To offer renewable and high-quality timber products by using the best agricultural, environmental and social practices, from the efficient and profitable integration of capitals."


With the purpose of promoting, developing and managing teak plantations as a profitable, secure and environmentally friendly investment alternative, SIEMBRA was created. (Integrated System of Companies Based in Environmental Resources, for its initials in Spanish).

SIEMBRA is an organization whose main resource is human. Its President is Paul Palacios, its General Manager is Martín Umpierrez, its Technical Manager is Ricardo Umpierrez, and its Commercial Manager is María Fernanda Santistevan.

Mr. Paul Palacios has an MBA from INCAE with a focus in Agroindustry and Rural Development. Mr. Palacios has experience in the financial sector, stock market and in the arranging and development of economical projects.

Mr. Martín Umpierrez has an MBA from INCAE; he has been actively involved in the industrial and commercial sectors and in the administration of agricultural and forest projects.

Mr. Ricardo Umpierrez has an undergraduate degree from EARTH (Costa Rica) and has a vast experience in the management of forest plantations and short-cycle crops.


Mrs. María Fernanda Santistevan is responsible for the commercial activities, leading the marketing and sales processes of the publicly traded companies.

Backing this group of professionals there are dozens of collaborators, forming the most experienced team in arranging, public offering and management of forest plantations in Ecuador.

We have successfully developed TALL TEAK, a project with a 205-hectare teak plantation, MERIZA with 139 ha of sown field, RÍO CONGO FORESTAL with 125 ha, EL TECAL with 135 ha, LA RESERVA with 130 ha, CERRO VERDE FORESTAL with 139 ha, LA CAMPIÑA FORESTAL with 148 ha, EL REFUGIO FORESTAL with 180 ha, EL SENDERO FORESTAL with 150 ha and LA ESTANCIA FORESTAL with 152 ha, LA COLINA FORESTAL with 186 ha. , LA SABANA FORESTAL with 215 ha. and CERRO ALTO FORESTAL with 63.46 ha of teak. We also render consultancy services in the management of other crops, such as mango and sugar cane.


Address: Parque Empresarial Colón Edificio Empresarial 1 floor 1
office Av. Rodrigo Chávez 102-A | Postcode: 090510 | Guayaquil - Ecuador
PBX: (593-4) 2136140