Investment requirements

The general requirement for any investor in Ecuador is to have an identity document (for Ecuadorians, this is the ID and for foreigners the passport). Also, the Bank or Broker receiving the investment is responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the funds. For this matter, for foreign investors a certification given by a bank of their home country is required as an evidence of having a checking, savings or investment account. Although this certification does not prove the origin of the funds, good faith is presumed and the historical record of the investor can be verified.

For foreign investors, it is not necessary to come to Ecuador to make an investment. The only requirement is to fill in the form in order to open an account with a Broker (we recommend Albion Casa de Valores) and to give the instructions to acquire the securities, in order to have the operation fulfilled.

Undoubtedly, the Broker will ask for a wire transfer and he will operate once the funds are at his disposal. For security, references about Albion Casa de Valores can be asked via email to the Guayaquil Stock Exchange.

The opening of an investment account can be made for a minimum amount of $6,000.

Open an Account

To obtain the opening account form you must download the following Excel files, fill them and send them via fax to the following telephone number (593)42136140, or 
Open an Account
apertura de cuenta Corporate Form
acpe Individual Form


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