Sr. Marc Dalmau (Spanish Investor)
"On January 2007 I had the opportunity, along with my wife, to visit Ecuador for the first time, and with the promoters and the people responsible of the teak projects, we had the opportunity to visit the plantations. With this visit, aside from knowing the country, I was able to catch up with the present and future management of the teak companies.

For me, a foreigner who didn’t know the country or the plantation´s promoters, the acquisition of shares of the different projects that I have been doing for the last 3 years has been a risky act and with many questions unanswered (are the promoters well prepared?, aren´t the promoters acting on their own benefit?, are the plantations respecting environmental issues? Are these projects contributing to improve the social reality of the country? Are the earning expectations real?).
My doubts vanished with the visit and the explanations received by the Engineers Palacios and Umpiérrez and from Mrs. Santistevan. The management of the plantations is been done following environmental criteria, the shares´ distribution avoids that any shareholder or even the promoters could impose their decisions or manipulate the companies for their own benefit and the expectations for the selling price of the wood are in my opinion modest. This, along with the good appearance of the plantations, the knowledge that the promoters have regarding technical aspects and the economical reality of the country, the attentions we received from them, and the interview hold with Mariuxi Torres, have contributed to increase the expectations I had before doing the trip."

Alba Arizaga de Santelli (Shareholder)

" I like the group of people supporting this project. I have a very good impression of the promoter and marketing group."

Wladimir Moncayo Peñaherrera (Shareholder)

"I feel very satisfied, sure of the investment and with a desire to invest more. My wife feels the same, because she can see at this the day where she can feel what the investment will generate for us."

Carlos Avilés Villacrés (Shareholder)

"Due to some bad investment experiences I had before, projections not reached, decreasing interest rates, and foreign companies who left the country, I decided to invest in these teak projects (Meriza and Rio Congo Forestal) in order to secure my retirement, based on the honesty and reliability of the promoters and the profitability of the projects."

Ramón A. Álvarez (Shareholder)

On Saturday, June 7, 2008, due to the invitation of the Company La Campiña Forestal 2007, I had the opportunity to visit the teak plantation along with my family to observe the planting process. The technical staff was very precise in answering my concerns about the whole process of planting, maintenance and overall life of these trees. I was very pleased with the extensive explanations and mesmerized to see the size of nine-year-old trees as well as those of one year which already exceeded the height of three metres. Similarly I could distinguish the characteristics of a healthy tree, like the pristine green of the leaves and their robust stalks.

This field day was very instructive to me, reinforcing my confidence in the excellent work that the administrative and technical staff are developing in order to achieve the company's success and the returns of its shareholders.

Ing. José Echeverría M. (Shareholder)

Knowing this kind of investment through the Internet, my expectations were high and uncertainty too, due to the significant number of fraudulent proposals on the Web. To verify I attended the last Field Day of La Campiña Forestal. The information that I could get on the site polarized these factors, because my expectations became high and my increased uncertainty was reduced. I had the opportunity to converse with several shareholders, who emphasized the seriousness of those who lead SIEMBRA, and so today I am one of the shareholders of these innovative companies.

Ing. Ricardo Intriago López (Shareholder)

I consider investing in TEAK plantations the perfect combination for long-term investments. Lacking the oscillations of the financial sector, the changes in interest rates and the impacts of inflation, the sector of wood exportation marks the tendency to higher prices, which will be exploited in a better way as soon as the plantations bear the fruit of their professional and transparent management. Year after year, we can see our trees growing and we keep receiving plentiful information about the current and the future situation of our investment.

The administration is in the hands of technical persons, responsible experts, which puts my mind at rest. I am shareholder of 8 plantations and every single year, I assign a part of my savings to this profitable and commendable investment; and it does not only plan excellent financial return: it helps bringing some oxygen to the world! I even use it as an excellent example to teach my children about the importance of long-term savings, and about the fact that benefits are obtained after a period of patient and persistent work.


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