R��o Grande Forestal 2015

General Information
Company: R��o Grande Forestal
Sector: Forestry
Product: Teak
Location: Provincia del Guayas, Cantón Balzar y Provincia de Manabí, Cantón Pichincha

Plantation Data
Property surface: 365.46 ha.
Planted surface: 332.10 ha.
Sowing distribution: 94.90 ha. planted in 2013, and 237.20 ha. sowed during the winter of 2015.

Placement: Secondary Public Offering in process.
Number of shares: 2,350.000 shares
Placement price: US $2.60 per share
Profitability: Over 14% *
Profitability perception: At plantation’s cut down.
Estimated cut down age: 20 years after sowing.

Entities of Management and Support
Financial and Administrative Management: SIEMBRA (Integrated System of Companies Based in Environmental Resources)
Attorney at Law: Pandzic & Asociados
Accounting and Taxes: Auditing & Taxes
Audit: Deloitte & Touche
Marketing: FreeMarket S.A.
Stock Placement and Structuring: Albion Casa de Valores S.A
Insurance Company: Seguro Cóndor
Forest Seed: Imported from certifed seed stands in Costa Rica

* Calculation of return is based on the projected growth of wood, on conservative estimates of prices, costs and expenses. The project involves accumulating all the necessary resources for the maintenance until the cutting, from the beginning of the operation. The company does not expect the existence of financial liabilities.

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